SomeNano Puzzles

Welcome to SomeNano Puzzles! This page is the index of all puzzles that SomeNano has hosted. Puzzles are all listed below.

Nano Payout

Some puzzles offer a payout to the first person that solves the puzzle. If you are the first to solve a puzzle with a payout, the solution to the puzzle will be the seed, mnemonic, or some other way to access the Nano account that holds the prize funds.

Puzzle Admission

Some puzzles may charge an admission to access the puzzle content. In all cases, the payment goes to the payout account. This is to incentivize solving the puzzle. Of note, we use SomeNano for WordPress to watch for admission payments. Do not make admission payments directly to a payout account, as it won’t be processed. Use the payment button on the puzzle page to make the payment and the puzzle will be immediately unlocked after the payment is received.

Puzzle Hosting

If you would like to create a puzzle and have it hosted here, please contact us on Twitter: @SomeNanoTweets or find us on the Nano Discord with the handle: pwlk.


Release DatePuzzle NameAdmissionNano Payout AccountPuzzle Master
09 May 2019 @ 8:00PM UTC[SOLVED] RaiBlocks NostalgiaFree (paid hints)nano_1gtii3…sqqoSomeNano
05 May 2019 @ 8:00PM UTCSorted Uncertainty0.1 Nanonano_18aqkk…ibfjSomeNano

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