RaiBlocks Nostalgia

Released: 10 May 2019 @ 8:00 PM UTC
Admission: Free (paid hints)
Nano Payout Account: nano_1gtii3or3ap3jgh5i44gzditem3ys4zei5fdkm4upe6cphqsadefc1dcsqqo
Permalink: https://somenano.com/puzzles/raiblocks-nostalgia

Welcome to SomeNano Puzzles! Here you will find a challenging and (hopefully) fun puzzle that might take you down memory lane. Remember RaiBlocks? Wait … was it ray-blocks or rye-blocks … we may never know!

This puzzle is free to view, but some paid helpful hints are available to help you on your way. No hint will give the solution to the puzzle. The hints will only give you waypoints… items to validate your suspicions, check your course, or perhaps confuse you even further. To view a hint, click on the link to its page, make the requested Nano payment, and the hint will be shown to you. All payments will be deposited in the payout account which can be accessed with its seed (the solution to this puzzle).


Puzzle Description

First things first, a letter for you…

My Dear Puzzler,

I was feeling quite nostalgic today, thinking about all the great moments I had experienced in the Nano community. My mind wandered to days long gone, days of RaiBlocks … oh what a quirky name that was. So practical, so precise, so meaningful. But alas, I shall not dwell…

I began my day, as I do most, browsing through the Nano repositories on GitHub. The efficiencies coded into every block of C++ do always give such a boost of energy and enthusiasm that carries me through my day. But this morning, I scrolled further than I intended on the releases tab. Instead of admiring the sha256 hashes of the various compressed archives of the latest release (as was on my mind), I found myself, 10 releases back, at the bottom of the page, my cursor hovering over the “Next” button…

“Should I?” I thought to myself? It has been years since I last visited page 2 results of Google. So why was this temptation so strong?

I never claimed to be a strong individual, mind you. I did click. And I confess it was not the only time! I clicked and clicked until I could click no more.

On that tenth day of November in the year of our Lord 2014, RaiBlocks broke free of its trunk and sprang (pre) release ready to life. I’m sure it was beautiful. I regret that I was not there…

Times were simpler then. Dev alpha version 1 release was so new! Marked by a commit that not only bore the birth of RaiBlocks, but the birth of so much more! Excuse me … sometimes I get emotional discussing RaiBlocks … err, Nano. I admired the Dev alpha version 1 commit for just one short while. I had much ground to cover and little time!

Dev alpha version 2 followed a few weeks later. No time, though … one short glance and forward I progressed!

Release after release! One quick glance at each as I traveled through space and time, reliving the releases, admiring history, our building blocks for today and our future. Commit notes flooded my vision, so many comments, so many features, yet simplicity remained!

A glance at the clock, however, gave me a grimace … I was going to be late. My time was through. I had only made it to V15.0RC … but that was where I concluded my reminiscent journey. And that is where I will conclude my letter to you.

Farewell puzzler, I hope you find your way, farewell for now, good luck!

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