Sorted Uncertainty

Released: 05 May 2019 @ 8:00 PM UTC
Admission: 0.1 Nano
# of Admissions Paid: 21
Nano Payout Account: nano_18aqkkh4sm9t5qfzxyzd1qmhmw7bmr3pd3nrxqdp3noa8zte7unxt6owibfj

Welcome to the inaugural SomeNano Puzzle! This first edition is as much a proof-of-concept as it is a puzzle for prize, fame, and ultimately fun.

This puzzle does charge admission… but all payments go to the Nano Payout Account. Payment must be made through the payment button below (not directly to the payout account). Once a payment is made below, the puzzle will immediately unlock for your viewing. So far 21 people have paid to view this puzzle.

Click the button below and make a payment to view this puzzle
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