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Nano is a fast and fee-less cryptocurrency.  I strive to build fun and useful apps increasing the adoption and usability of Nano as a world-wide currency.  It is a brilliant platform on which to develop and it has proven its efficiency and mettle in the world of cryptocurrency.  Learn more about Nano on their official site.

Watch in real-time, every Nano transaction gently fall to the ground as a snowflake in the SomeNano Snow transaction visualization. Nano transactions are fast and can come in at any rate. Whether a trickle or blizzard of snow, this calming visualization will show them all.

Open Source: GitHub

Game created for the October 2019 #NanoJam!  This guessing word game highlights the ease of integrating Nano transactions into a game with no custodial wallet.

Open SourceGitHub

Accept Nano as payment on your WordPress site! Any post or page can include extended content or be locked down until a visitor (anonymous or registered) makes a Nano payment.

Open SourceGitHub

Send a note with Nano!  Encode a short text message into a Nano transaction.  Send that transaction to anyone and view the conversation on


Are your brain juices flowing?  How about solving some Nano puzzles.  Some puzzles offer Nano payouts and some are just around for fun.  Work with others or on your own.  This is meant to be fun!

Puzzle Index

Use your browser to mine Monero ($XMR) to enter raffles for Nano payouts.  Raffles end hourly, daily, and weekly.  Mine little WIN BIG!


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