BUIDLing with Nano since 2017

I have various advertising opportunities available. Advertising with SomeNano supports me and my projects enabling my continued development. Any questions or inquiries can be sent to email (PGP) or via Twitter @SomeNanoTweets.

Site Rate Description
SomeNano Snow 5 Nano / month

Have a text advertisement flying high through a blizzard of Nano transactions. This site has been a community favorite and is usually shared widely on social media as screenshot/animation, especially when large amounts of transactions are being processed by the Nano Network.

  • Max text length: 60 characters
  • Text subject to moderation/approval
  • No misleading or malicious text/link
  • Referral links are ok
  • Ads are limited to 6 / month to ensure each ad has decent visibility

Sponsored Tweet 5 Nano / tweet

I tweet mostly about coding and developing with Nano. You can check out my activity and follower count on my @SomeNanoTweets profile,

  • Max text length: 240 characters
  • Text/images/link subject to moderation/approval
  • Must include the text: [Sponsored Tweet]